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Carolyn would be the most helpful switched on person I have come across in my drive to sort out my health. Until I came across carolyn (which by the way was by a leaflet in my mail box) I was at my wits end as I had had years of visiting different people in the heath sector of but no one could truly help or understand the needs of my body.

Carolyn on our first meeting saved my life !!! On so many levels, physically &  emotionally and the best part was that in the first meeting I had she made me feel so at ease and very much wanted to help and support me. I left the first meeting feeling so relieved that for once someone understood were I was coming from and truly wanted to help.

Her knowledge is extensive and carolyn has a heart that has so much caring for her clients (you will understand these words when you meet her).

Carolyn will always be in my life as without her help were I would be right now I’d hate to think. Carolyn words fail me in the way I could thank you, but I am sure you know my thoughts.

Rhonda Katene-Hill

Carolyn I have found your knowledge to be sound and practical, your advice wonderful and caring. I learn more everytime I come into your store/clinic. My daughter comes with me as she loves learning everything she can on a healthy lifestyle, as she can see the difference in my health.
- Anonymous
I would just like to pass on my experience of what wonderful and successful treatment I have received from carolyn, of Monarch Natural Health in Kaiapoi. After suffering for many years with Candida I was at the point of desperation when I happened to see the advert for Monarch Natural Health on CTV and the mention of this condition which could be treated. Over the years the medical profession had not succeeded in any sort of relief, so I took it into my own hands and approached Carolyn. since then I just can’t tell you how much she has changed my life for the better. Carolyn’s expertise and the caring way she approaches a delicate situation is first class. I owe so much to her and Monarch Natural Health. Thank you so much carolyn, i do appreicate what you have done for me.
- Betty Loomes
After years of ill health and heavy prescription drugs I was referred to Monarch Natural Health for a consultation with Carolyn. Through correct diagnosis I had a life long problem reversed to a manageable situation with a complete change in diet. My health has improved free of pain and heavy prescription drugs. Occasionally I weaken and back come the problems of the past proving the worthwhile effort and time by Monarch Natural Health.
- Pat Schwass
Having dealt with other stores at the Malls over the years where the staff just sell you what is asked for, Carolyn will actually ask what the problem is before she prescribes the necessary remedy. In summing up, I’m very satisfied with the way my health problems have been dealt with at Monarch Natural Health and would have no hesitation in referring others to talk to a couple of fun ladies about their health needs. Laughter is good medicine to start with anywhere in life.
- Peter Balkenende
I have been associated with Monarch Natural Health since they opened their clinic and dispensary in May 2007. During this time I have come to know Carolyn Mc Sweeney and besides having fixed my Stomach complaint with the various products that have been prescribed the girls also have a extremely pleasant over the counter relationship with their customers. They always have a smile on their face when entering the store and both have a wonderful way of making one feel comfortable when asking about personal health questions or problems.
- Anonymous
Since the opening of Monarch Natural Health I have been a customer who has been delighted to finally have a store such as this in my own township. Previously I travelled far and wide to obtain health products but not having a great knowledge of what I was really buying. After my first visit it was suggested that I make an appointment to consult with Carolyn to find out what was happening on the ‘inside’ and after this first time it amazed me to find that my body was in fact running on ‘empty’. As I continue to consult with Carolyn on a regular basis I am finding that my health is continuing to improve and with the proper use of supplements and nutrients I have found that over the past few months I am a different person. I now have more energy and vitality. I had put the lack of these things down to ‘getting old’ and working a stressful job. I have always cringed at the thought of taking chemicals but now I know that there is a alternative safe and natural option to obtain the same results. I have found Carolyn very approachable and friendly. With an excellent knowledge of the wide range of products in the well stocked store that I once would have never thought of using. I now find myself recommending her and the store to others.
- Marilyn Taylor

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