Our Wellness Clinic offers you the following services:

  • Health and Wellness evaluations
  • Dietary and Lifestyle advice/plans
  • Scenar Pain Relief
  • Treatment and monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Treatment for pre/post diabetes and associated conditions
  • Support for times of increased stress, anxiety and depression
  • Clinically Effective Detox Programmes
  • Clinically proven weight management programmes
  • Integrative Medicine – this is working alongside your existing health care provider/s
  • Tools to empower yourself to achieve your own excellence
  • Coaching/Counselling (HNLP & NLP)
  • Assistance in working through emotional issues
  • Guidance for you to change habits which are no longer useful for you
  • A comprehensive range of tests that include:
  • Hair analysis for heavy metal and mineral toxicity
  • Food allergy tests (Bloods to be sent away for testing)
  • Blood tests for health screening
  • Urinary Indican Test for gut/digestive problems
  • Live Blood Screening (Haemaview) – seeing really is believing
  • Practitioner products with proven quality

Consultation Fees – Herbs & Nutrition

Adults – 1 Hour … $90.00
Adults – ½ Hour … $50.00
Children – 1 Hour … $80.00
Children – ½ Hour … $45.00

Equine phone assessment – $60.00

Equine clinic visit – $80.00 (plus travelling if to your place)

(all herbs and nutrients are separate)

NLP Consultation (NeuroLinguistic Programming)

1 Hour … $90.00


Scenar Pain Relief

Initial appointment $90.00 (Consult & treatment)

Follow ups $65.00

Live Blood Screening (Haemaview)

Standalone … $90.00
With first consultation … $130.00

Urinary Indican Test (urine sample)

You need to have eaten protein and had no alcohol at dinner the night before, and had no mineral supplements on the morning of the test.


Zinc Tally Test


Ear Candling (includes the candles)

45 mins … $70.00

Hair Analysis for heavy metal toxicity

$165.00  (approx)

IgG and IgA Food Panel

$430.00 (approx)

Blood Tests

These tests are available only with a full consultation and are not subsidised by the government.

‘Practitioner Only’ Nutritional Suppliments (with a prescription) available and Herbal Tinctures made on request.

All prices include GST.