About Us

Carolyn is a qualified Clinical Medical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist, NLP and HNLP Practitioner with over 10 years of clinical experience.  She has travelled both nationally and internationally to update her knowledge on the latest scientific research on health and wellbeing.  Carolyn is able to treat any condition whether it be acute or chronic and also aid with coaching and counselling.

The earthquakes in Christchurch did have an effect on the store and clinic and the premises was demolished.   Clinic resumed from home for a couple of years and eventually a move to south Canterbury occurred.

Carolyn has an interest in wellness of not just the human kind but also in horses.  Successfully treating her equine “fur babies” for colic, mud fever, rain scald, infections, cuts and scratches etc.   Making up of creams is an enjoyable pass time for her.

Over the years of practicing, mother nature has been calling her to return to the basics of herbal medicine and harvesting and making her own medicines.  This is very therapeutic in itself.  Teaching others the basics of making their own home medicines is a pleasure also.  Good quality nutritional foods are the building blocks of good health be it physical, emotional or mental and Carolyn enjoys educating the importance of this.