Services – Via Zoom or email (unless local to North Canterbury)

Our Wellness Clinic offers you the following services:

  • Health and Wellness evaluations
  • Dietary and Lifestyle advice/plans
  • Scenar Pain Relief
  • Treatment and monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • Treatment for pre/post diabetes and associated conditions
  • Support for times of increased stress, anxiety and depression
  • Clinically Effective Detox Programmes
  • Clinically proven weight management programmes
  • Integrative Medicine – this is working alongside your existing health care provider/s
  • Tools to empower yourself to achieve your own excellence
  • Coaching/Counselling (HNLP & NLP)
  • Assistance in working through emotional issues
  • Guidance for you to change habits which are no longer useful for you
  • A comprehensive range of tests that include:
  • Hair analysis for heavy metal and mineral toxicity
  • Food allergy tests (Bloods to be sent away for testing)
  • Blood tests for health screening
  • Practitioner products with proven quality and results

Consultation Fees – Herbs & Nutrition

Adults & children – 1 Hour … $120.00
Adults & children – ½ Hour … $60.00

NLP Consultation (NeuroLinguistic Programming)

1 Hour … $120.00

Scenar Pain Relief (Travel costs will apply to your location)

Initial appointment $120.00 (Consult & treatment)

One hour $110.00

Hair Analysis for heavy metal toxicity

$185.00  (approx)

IgG and IgA Food Panel

$450.00 (approx)

Blood Tests

These tests are available only with a full consultation and are not subsidised by the government.

‘Practitioner Only’ Nutritional Suppliments (with a prescription) available and Herbal Tinctures made on request.

All prices include GST.

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