Client Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about Monarch Natural Health:

Carolyn would be the most helpful switched on person I have come across in my drive to sort out my health. Until I came across carolyn (which by the way was by a leaflet in my mail box) I was at my wits end as I had had years of visiting different people in the heath sector of but no one could truly help or understand the needs of my body.

Carolyn on our first meeting saved my life !!! On so many levels, physically &  emotionally and the best part was that in the first meeting I had she made me feel so at ease and very much wanted to help and support me. I left the first meeting feeling so relieved that for once someone understood were I was coming from and truly wanted to help.

Her knowledge is extensive and carolyn has a heart that has so much caring for her clients (you will understand these words when you meet her).

Carolyn will always be in my life as without her help were I would be right now I’d hate to think. Carolyn words fail me in the way I could thank you, but I am sure you know my thoughts.

Rhonda Katene-Hill